Hi, I’m Sonya!

I’m the Owner, Founder, & Content Creator of Perks of Being a Wildflower.  You can find me on Instagram where I often post content, travel stories and photos, and do live videos plus Q&A sessions.


I’m originally from Franklin/Nashville, Tennessee in the southeast region of the U.S.  I grew up in a town with some of the best music, southern food, and sweet tea a girl could ask for.  I found my love for travel at the age of 14, when I took my first plane ride to Puerto Rico on a mission trip.  Since then my travels have taken me all across 30 of the 50 United States from the east coast to the west coast, onward to the Dominican Republic in 2007, the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe in 2014, then to Europe in 2015 – 2016, spanning France, Switzerland, and Iceland.  Most recently I lived and worked in Canada in the beautiful Pacific Northwest on Canada’s remote west coast for a total of about a 1.5 years.

I’m a wildflower — I’ve been growing and blooming in the wildest of places and conditions for years — seeking adventure and exploring places uncharted. I have always loved the outdoors and adventures of all kinds since an early age, curious about what existed in distant places and cultures and worlds I had never known.

Everything changed for me in October 2015 in the realm of travel and pursuing my passions and dreams. At that time, I sold everything and moved to France for 3.5 months and spent time in Switzerland and then Iceland, which ultimately led me to Canada’s West Coast in British Columbia.  I started my travel blog while in Paris and I knew I wanted to record the experiences over that next year and beyond.  My move to Europe unearthed the most adventurous and life-changing moments for me and ultimately led me to finally understand and experience “la joie de vivre.”

This is a place where I capture my travels and adventures and things I’ve learned along my journey.  I also provide online guides, tools, and resources for your own travels and adventures as well as your self-care journey!  I believe in order to follow our bliss and make our dreams happen, including travel dreams, prioritizing our self-care is the first step in that direction.

I hope that you enjoy this space and that you find inspiration, resources, and a new sense of adventure here.

Following my bliss ~ Sonya


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